Who are we?

Catalyst life Consultancy is a Wellington based life coaching provider who offers face-to-face and virtual coaching sessions aimed at local and international clients. We offer personal and professional development packages to achieve your goals. Our structured approach, encouragement and support will build your confidence and increase your productivity.
The main purpose of our platform is to take you from where you are today to where you want to be. Our life coaches bring their training, experience, and skill to enable you to reach your aspirations and achieve your goals.
You will have the opportunity to speak in confidence, with someone neutral, non-judgemental, and unbiased to gain personal support and accelerate your success.

You have exactly what it takes to reach your full potential and your life coach will guide and support you through any obstacles you are facing. Your life coach will clarify your goals and aid you in becoming the person you really want to be.

“You deserve to be empowered to discover the amazing possibilities you possess; and learn to use them to benefit yourself, your family, and live your life journey”

Cameron Castle DipLC, Founder

Cameron is the founder of Catalyst Life Consultancy. He holds professional qualifications such as a diploma in Life Coaching and certificates in mindfulness, cognitive behaviour, and neuro-linguistic programming. He graduated from university with a first-class honours degree in behavioural genetics with psychology and has training in healthcare.


As a life and wellness coach, I strive to live a positive, energetic, and successful life. My passion is working with people to realise their full potential and walk with them on their journey toward positive change. I work holistically with my clients with my mission to empower my clients to turn their goals of intention into achievements.

“When you define your action plan, it is not the action itself that is important. It is the results you derive from that action that creates your ultimate success”

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