Why is having a Life Coach important?

You have a vast potential for happiness and success; this potential is too often left unexplored.

You deserve to be empowered to discover the amazing possibilities you possess; and learn to use them to benefit of yourself, your family, and live your life journey.

At Catalyst Life Consultancy we guide and support you through a range of areas such as your career progression, a business venture, your current work life, your personal life, issues with fears, anxieties, confidence and self-esteem, concerns with relationships, and your personal goals; the list is endless, talk to us today to find out how we can empower you.

At Catalyst Life Consultancy we...


Life coaches are similar to personal trainers except they help you reach your life goals. Their number one mission is to motivate and inspire you to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.


Life coaches help you strategise by asking the most important questions. This helps ensure you set a strategic, effective and focused pathway towards your goals.


Life coaches keep in contact and make sure you hold yourself accountable. With their constant push and helpful reminders, you can reach your goals.

Catalyst empowers clients to realise their full potential, reach their goals, and live successfully.

Why work with us

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Our coaching process

  • You bring any concerns about your career, work, or business; fears and anxieties; areas of unfulfillment, concerns with relationships, and personal goals; the list is endless.


  • During the initial sessions you will work with your life coach to understand your life’s purpose and define your journey, and identify the obstacles standing in your way.


  • This process will lead to goal setting which is proactive with an emphasis on goal achievement.


  • Your life coach with help you realise your true potential – what you always wanted to be, wanted to do, and what you always wanted to have.

Our coaching format

  • You will meet with your life coach for the initial session, usually face-to-face*.


  • You will then meet two to three times a month with your life coach. This is can be face-to-face, by telephone, by email or via teleconference (Skype).


  • You will choose what you want to work on, the action steps you want to take, and you set your own pace.


  • Your Life Coach will help you focus your ideas into goals and action steps, offer a listening ear, give you challenging questions that make you think, and provide the support and accountability you need to follow through.


*Note: we are happy to offer your initial sessions either face-to-face, or by telephone, email or via teleconference (Skype).

Our Life Coach programme

Discovery stage

(1 session)

Explore your goals and understand your life purpose.

Strategy stage

(2-5 sessions)

Generate options, troubleshoot obstacles, and develop a set of action steps.

Action stage

(6-10 sessions)

Put your action plan in motion and discuss your ongoing steps toward success and positive change.

Note: each session begins with a progress report on your goals and action steps. Each session ends with action steps you want to take before the next appointment. You are always in charge of what you want to work on!

Our packages

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